God is not lonely yet…

It still shocks me that God is not lonely or remotely needy and yet He continually desires to commune with me. This deserves our full attention! Our whole quest for companionship is fueled by a void in life that we know can only be filled by being with others. In... read more


Praying when suffering! What does that sound like? Or what petition, besides deliverance and healing, should be at the very top of our lists? I wonder have you ever asked that question. What prayer do we pray, for instance, this side of Gillian’s passing, when we feel... read more

Eastenders in Genesis

The story of Lot in his cave with his daughters at the end of Genesis 19 would surely make the most avid Eastenders addict cover his eyes with cushions on the sofa, especially if his parents had come for tea that night! It’s pretty scandalous to say the least. Sordid... read more

If everything is predestined why pray?

Here is a question I have asked 10000 times: if God is sovereign and plans literally everything from the start to the end, even choosing who His sons would be before the beginning of time…why pray? Why bother? Is He not going to do what He has always planned anyway?... read more


I’ve seen this hashtag more than a few times of late. It’s usually tagged onto the end of something really happy like a pregnancy/birth announcement. I’ve seen it on engagement posts and wedding posts as well as alongside exam results…provided they’re good that is!... read more

Living By Faith

When our plans have gone south and life is not even close to what we hoped it would be then of this you can be absolutely sure…right there and then we are living by faith. This is good! I wonder if that is where you find yourself today. Of course it’s true... read more

Are we feeling our need?

I’ve noticed something unusual about politicians. I sense I have your attention now (or maybe you’re wondering what’s taken me so long!). When I say unusual I don’t mean to say it’s uncommon, as if this is a trait that is rare – not often seen.... read more


I take so much for granted. So much! And I’m guessing I’m not on my own. Of course the slide in to this state of mind happens at such an imperceptible rate you tend to hardly ever notice. It’s not as if you get up in the morning and say to yourself whilst... read more


The end of the football season is almost upon us and for teams at the bottom things are getting desperate. Very desperate. So desperate in fact that Sam Allardyce, the manager of Sunderland Football Club, has suggested he might go back to church and start praying. At... read more

God is in control

Right now, wherever you are and whatever is unfolding before you, there is something going on that maybe you’ve not quite been able to see today. Please consider this. God is in absolute control! I can’t tell you how many times in the course of my... read more