It still shocks me that God is not lonely or remotely needy and yet He continually desires to commune with me. This deserves our full attention! Our whole quest for companionship is fueled by a void in life that we know can only be filled by being with others. In those moments we sense that we are not self-sufficient and so we reach out, build bridges, send texts and make calls. We understand how it feels to crave company. We have known many nights when we have felt isolated and cut off and longed for someone to unexpectedly ask how we were. Therefore, consider it again this Christmas that our God has never experienced anything other than contentment, perfect joy and complete fulfilment in Himself, and yet this self-sufficient One came down in Jesus intent on dwelling with you!

More than that, we will never truly understand the magnitude of Jesus descent in the incarnation; not this side of Heaven anyway. Carols have helped us somewhat with great lines such as, ‘thrones for a manger didst surrender; sapphire paved courts for stable floor.’ They have pointed us to the facts and smells and geography of it all, but if truth be told we always come up short and fail to grasp what it meant for God to become the size of a seed in Mary’s womb. As I write this Esther has just celebrated her first birthday. She is crawling, babbling, drooling and learning. Just pause for a second and remember that your Maker knew this phase, and not because He had some hole in His life that only humans could fill. He knew this phase for one reason…He loved you!

Is this not astonishing? With no need to come and no lack to meet and no loneliness EVER known, this colossal God came down at Sinai, the tabernacle, via the prophets, and also the temple…and then finally in Christ He came down and down and down and down. We aught never to question His love this Christmas. Immanuel!